About Us

Our Vision & Mission

The vision of STARS Global Preparatory (“STARS Global”) is to prepare all graduates academically and personally to lead and serve with people from different backgrounds and learning styles.

The mission of STARS Global is to prepare students for high school through excellent teaching and community engagement. STARS Global will inspire and connect the next generation of leaders to their community through yearly service learning class projects.

STARS Global will create a mindset of community engagement in children early on as they learn to collaborate with others and embrace diverse cultures and styles, arming students for high school and the career world.

STARS Global will be a learning environment for children from pre-kindergarten through grade eight. The environment will encompass different ways of learning; nurtures curious, socially engaged and independent young people; enhances the self-esteem of students; and builds their capacity for empathy, philanthropy, and civic awareness.

STARS Global will be located in southwest Miami-Dade County, in Kendall – in a diverse community and as a Title I school – allowing us to serve low-income neighbors in a welcoming and multi-cultural atmosphere. Title I allocation is determined by the number of students enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program. By participating school-wide in the National School Lunch Program, the Title I program will be utilized for supplemental funds to meet school educational goals.

All of the staff hired at STARS Global – both instructional and non-instructional -- will demonstrate awareness of and alignment with the mission and educational approach of STARS Global. The team will embody the many cultures in our community and embody cultural competence to work with all members of the student population and their families. Staff will be expected to show an open mind and heart to students and all members of the STARS community, creating a school community that projects respect and excellence with all its students and staff.

A Service Learning Model

STARS Global will provide a challenging academic curriculum that encompasses a Service Learning Model through real-life learning experiences that will enable all students to achieve academic success and civic leadership. STARS Global will promote character development through good citizenship, and the importance of giving time, talent and treasure for the common good all the while infusing opportunities for real-world experiences. Character development will also be a focus through strong communication skills, a global perspective, and an appreciation for diversity in order to prepare students for college, career and civic readiness in the 21st century.

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