Service Learning Model

STARS Global will implement a Service Learning Model for all students in grades PK-8 by adding an additional 60 minutes to the instructional day at the elementary level. The goal of the program is to improve academic performance, behavior, school culture, peer interaction, and parental involvement.

We recognize that conditions must be created to help us provide the time and resources needed to implement the best practice components of a comprehensive Service Learning Model: positive teacher-student relationships, a positive peer culture, cooperative learning, appropriate adult role modeling, effective and engaging class meetings, community building, moral discussion, conflict resolution, and democratic student government. Thus, it is our commitment to obtain effective leadership from school administration; require leadership and vision from the Governing Board; and engage the support of parents and community stakeholders for a successful design and implementation of the character development program.

The Service Learning Model at STARS Global is a partnership with parents and the community to foster responsible, dedicated and caring students. It is an intentional and proactive effort to help students understand, care about, and act upon basic values that we all share. To this end, the school has created an extended instructional day to facilitate an hour of community building as part of the Service Learning Model per day for all students that incorporates both character development and service learning in an effort to produce the next generation of leaders and professionals.

The Service Learning Model at STARS Global will begin in Kindergarten and continue through 8th grade. The 60-minute block will be an uninterrupted block scheduled five days per week, totaling 300 minutes of Social Studies per week.

The Service Learning Model will have the same emphasis as other core academic subjects. Through this course students will get to examine particular community moments that created collaboration and unity in history. This will include the study of moral issues that have led to prejudice, discrimination, resilience and courage. It reflects the vision of young student leaders becoming empowered to be social agents of change. Becoming socially aware of issues, participating in civic engagement, and the need to become agents of change will prepare students to meet 21st century challenges.

STARS Global will identify students at-risk for poor learning outcomes; monitor student progress; provide evidence-based interventions and adjust the intensity and nature of those interventions depending on a student’s responsiveness; and subsequently begin the process to identify students with learning disabilities or other disabilities. (1) A school-wide, multi-level instructional and behavioral system for preventing school failure; (2) screening; (3) progress monitoring; and (4) data-based decision making for instruction and movement within the multi-level system.

STARS Global will make every reasonable effort to correct student misbehavior through a school-wide use of a Positive Behavioral Support, our core values and to support students in learning the skills necessary to enhance a positive school environment and avoid negative behavior. Teachers will address the vast majority of disciplinary issues at the classroom level. In all instances, school discipline will be reasonable, timely, fair, age appropriate, and will match the severity of the student’s misbehavior. Systems will be implemented to ensure that parents and all stakeholders are informed of progress and lack thereof their child’s behavioral continuum.

We believe that parents will take an active role in their children’s education, and will be instrumental in encouraging positive behavior in their children. Parent meetings with the principal and other appropriate school staff will be conducted to address concerning student discipline issues. The School administration and parent(s) will express high expectations and set goals for behavioral modification. These goals will reflect the need for a positive relationship between school staff, parents, and students. Parents and students will be required to read, discuss, and accept the policies code of student policy.

Student culture and behavior will not only be addressed when there is a problem. Through a well-established culture and a proactive positive behavior support program, students will succeed consistently in our school. In order to maintain and promote a positive culture, all staff members will receive professional development focused on: the importance of student rapport, classroom strategies, positive behavior reinforcement, core values of school, Positive Behavioral Support, staff camaraderie, and understanding school culture - to ensure that Positive Behavioral Support are implemented with fidelity, optimizing success for students.


STARS Global Preparatory is a nonprofit school with a unique Enriched Character Education and Service-Learning Model through real-life learning experiences that will enable all students to achieve academic success and civic leadership. The school will promote philanthropy education, teaching all students about civil, society, and the importance of giving time, talent, and treasure for the common good. The new school building will encompass the diversity of our city and will serve as a community campus. As well as an embrace, the different ways of learning; socially engage independent young people; enhance the self-esteem of students; and build their capacity for empathy, philanthropy, and civic awareness.

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